Anshul Shukla

Engineering Manager @ Navi, Bangalore, India

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Hello, my name is Anshul, and I work at Navi as an Engineering Manager. I have 11+ year of experience in IT industry. Earlier I worked for Flipkart about 6 year. I am a data-driven, enthusiastic leader with experience in developing scalable, robust digital products. My interests include application and system design. My strength is in team building, goal setting, planning, and strategy development.

👨‍💻 Work Experience


Engineering Manager (June 2021 - Present)

  • My current responsibilities include developing yearly and quarterly strategy plans, application prioritisations, and goal setting for digital products in the lending business.
  • Role include developing mobile and desktop applications for home loans, personal loans, and CRM tools for builders. These platforms manage the whole client lifecycle, from origination to distribution.
  • Crafted and managing three teams: Core Platforms, Lending Apps, and Builder Channel, totalling 20 engineers. In the core platform team, we are developing shared technical capabilities for the entire organisation, such as libraries and a template engine. Portal and Builder teams are driving digital lending business.
  • decision-making on mobile and web application design, systems architecture with an eye toward scalability, reliability, security and cost.
  • Another area for which I am responsible is for building tech team from the ground up, training and mentoring them, and creating a hiring process for college and lateral hiring.
  • Taking care of observability of system teams owns and benchmarking latency, throughput & fault tolerance of nodes.

Technologies - React, Node, HTML, CSS, Web Development , SpringBoot, Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Senior Software Engineer (June 2015 - May 2021)

  • During my long career at Flipkart, I contributed primarily on the Flipkart website and mobile applications. While I was there, I worked on transitioning the website from PHP to React. Following the move, I worked on widgetizing the website and mobile app.

  • Toward the end of my term, I worked with the travel and growth team, where we launched Flipkart Flights. In the early stages, I was highly focused on improving the CX and UX of the Flipkart app, and I learnt and implemented a lot about design principles and user behaviour.

Technologies - React, React Native, Node, HTML5, CSS3


Software Engineer (September 2012- May 2015)

  • I began my career as a software developer here, where I learnt and implemented web-based education products for ck12 and McGrahill enterprises. Worked extensively on animations, HTML5 canvas, and style.

Technologies - AngularJS, React, Node, HTML5, CSS3

📚 Interest

  • Digital Finance, Strategy Building, Planning and Prioritisations of tasks
  • Building Scalable, Robust, Reusable Tools.

⚙️ Tech

  • React, SpringBoot, Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Kafka
  • Observability - Kibana, Grafana, New Relic, GlitchTip
  • Databases - PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL


B.Tech in Computer Science, UPTU