Anshul Shukla

Engineering Manager @ Navi,
Bangalore, India
Phone - +91 7406118969
Email - java.ansh@gmail.com

I am an experienced Engineering Manager with over 10 years of expertise in developing scalable, robust digital products. My passion lies in designing applications and systems, building teams, setting goals, planning, and developing strategies. I have a particular interest in digital finance, and I enjoy building scalable, robust, and reusable tools.

👨‍💻 Work Experience


Engineering Manager, Bangalore, India (June 2021 - Present)

  • Successfully manage two teams - Lending and Payments, while building cutting-edge digital finance products.
  • Led the development of mobile and desktop applications, with a focus on delivering an optimal customer experience and journey.
  • Developed yearly and quarterly strategy plans, prioritized digital product applications, and set goals for the company.
  • Oversaw the development of a new payments system(UPI) that met regulatory requirements and exceeded customer expectations.
  • Developed a hiring process and trained and mentored new hires, resulting in the creation of a talented and motivated team.
  • Oversaw the observability of the system, owning and benchmarking latency, throughput, and fault tolerance of nodes.
  • Technologies: React, Node, Web Development, SpringBoot, Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL.


Senior Software Engineer, Bangalore, India (June 2015 - May 2021)

  • Contributed primarily to the development of a digital platform to optimize customer engagement.
  • Worked on transitioning the website from PHP to React, leading to a more user-friendly interface.
  • Developed a new feature that allowed customers to view their financial data in real-time, which increased user engagement and trust in the platform.
  • Worked with cross-functional teams to ensure optimal performance and scalability of the platform.
  • Technologies: React, React Native, Node, HTML, Docker, Kubernetes.


Software Engineer, Bangalore, India (September 2012 - May 2015)

  • Developed web-based education products for ck12 and McGrahill enterprises, including animations, HTML5 canvas, and style.
  • Technologies: AngularJS, React, Node, HTML5

📚 Interest

  • Digital Finance
  • Strategy Building
  • Planning and Prioritizations of tasks
  • Building Scalable, Robust, Reusable Tools

⚙️ Tech

  • React, SpringBoot, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka
  • Observability - Kibana, Grafana, New Relic, GlitchTip
  • Databases - PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Cassandra.


B.Tech in Computer Science, UPTU

Thank you for considering my resume.