Anshul Shukla

Engineering Manager @ Navi,
Bangalore, India
Phone - +91 7406118969
Email - java.ansh@gmail.com

Experienced Engineering Manager with over 11 years in the IT industry, skilled in developing scalable, robust digital products. Passionate about application and system design, team building, goal setting, planning, and strategy development.

👨‍💻 Work Experience


Engineering Manager, Bangalore, India (June 2021 - Present)

  • Developed yearly and quarterly strategy plans, application prioritizations, and goal setting for digital products in the lending business.
  • Led the development of mobile and desktop applications for home loans, personal loans, and CRM tools for builders, managing the whole client lifecycle, from origination to distribution.
  • Managed three teams totaling 20 engineers, including Core Platforms, Lending Apps, and Builder Channel, while driving the digital lending business.
  • Led decision-making on mobile and web application design, systems architecture, and developed scalable, reliable, secure, and cost-effective solutions.
  • Built tech team from the ground up, training and mentoring them, and created a hiring process for college and lateral hiring.
  • Oversaw the observability of the system, owning and benchmarking latency, throughput, and fault tolerance of nodes.
  • Technologies: React, Node, HTML, CSS, Web Development, SpringBoot, Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Senior Software Engineer, Bangalore, India (June 2015 - May 2021)

  • Contributed primarily to the Flipkart website and mobile applications, working on transitioning the website from PHP to React.
  • Widgetized the website and mobile app, focusing on improving the CX and UX of the Flipkart app.
  • Worked with the travel and growth team, where we launched Flipkart Flights.
  • Technologies: React, React Native, Node, HTML5, CSS3


Software Engineer, Bangalore, India (September 2012 - May 2015)

  • Developed web-based education products for ck12 and McGrahill enterprises, including animations, HTML5 canvas, and style.
  • Technologies: AngularJS, React, Node, HTML5, CSS3

📚 Interest

Digital Finance, Strategy Building, Planning and Prioritizations of tasks, Building Scalable, Robust, Reusable Tools.

⚙️ Tech

React, SpringBoot, Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Observability - Kibana, Grafana, New Relic, GlitchTip, Databases - PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL


B.Tech in Computer Science, UPTU

Thank you for considering my resume.